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Research and Innovation

Clarins is committed to investing in research and development. During the product research phase Clarins Laboratories collaborates closely with scientific and medical specialists and thus benefit greatly from the results of scientific research.

As a result of unrestricted research budgets, researchers are able to use the most active and effective raw materials. All products undergo stringent tolerance testing.

Clarins is committed to continuously updating and reformulating existing products, benefiting from the latest advances in cosmetic research as well as from opinions expressed by customers.

From the start, Clarins chose to incorporate plant extracts in the formulas of every skincare and body care product, even when botanical ingredients were considered unfashionable.

 · Precious Plants

For Clarins Research every plant, from the most common to the most rare, is precious and represents a source of real beauty benefits. From ancient medicinal uses to the purest and most precise high-tech extracts, nothing escapes our researchers' eyes.

 · The purest, most effective plant extracts

Each plant extract is purified and analysed using modern techniques, to deliver its maximum benefits to the end-user.
And because the benefits of a plant extract can be enhanced when combined with others, Clarins researchers strive to develop the highest-performing botanical complexes possible to give the best beauty results.