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A More Beautiful Tomorrow

For the last 20 years, Clarins has acted for future generations with pride.

Through a number of lasting initiatives, Clarins takes a stand for education, encouraging children across the world to dream of their own future.

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41 million meals distributed through Clarins' partnerships since 2011

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Clarins x Mary's Meals: for a brighter future

As part of our commitment to protecting future generations, Clarins has partnered with Mary's Meals, which provides life-changing school meals to children living in some of the world's poorest communities.

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The program guarantees a nourishing meal for students within the school, encouraging children to attend and helping them to learn effectively.

Since launching in 2002, 2.4 million children have been fed every day at school in 18 countries , in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and South America.

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Meals that change their life

A meal at school is essential: it helps to motivate children to go to school and encourages parents to send them there.

The benefits of school meals are both short and long-term: a regular meal gives children the energy to concentrate and learn better, but also to play like other young people of their age.

By regularly attending school, they will have a better chance of receiving an education and more opportunities in the future.

The future starts here

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At Clarins we have always linked our development to the need to help the planet and society. To join forces with Mary’s Meals was a natural step. We absolutely had to make an even greater commitment to these people who do such admirable work to help meet two vital needs of all children: proper nutrition and an education."

Virginie Courtin, Managing Director at Clarins

A meal today. A dream tomorrow

Meet some of the volunteers and children whose future is brighter than ever thanks to Mary's Meals.

Mona Portrait

Mona, 14, Yemen​

“The meal is delicious with varied food. It enables me to better understand the lessons and do my homework.”

Mona is one of more than 4,000 children currently being served Mary’s Meals at school each day in the Aden district of Yemen. Girls in Yemen typically attend less than 3 years of schooling in their lifetime. By providing a guaranteed meal in school, children are encouraged back to the classroom.

Ulemu Portrait

Ulemu, 15, Malawi

“My academic performance has improved since I joined Chigodi Primary School.”

Ulemu is one of Chigodi Primary School’s newest students where Mary's Meals has already begun its mission. There are millions of children not fulfilling their potential in school because they simply don’t have enough food to eat.

Esther Portrait

Esther Wah, Liberia

“I am a cook at this school because I want the children to learn and transform the society. Through volunteering, I have learned new skills such as preparing and serving food to large numbers of people.”

Esther is a volunteer cook at Jemima Carter Memorial Institute in Liberia and her 3 children receive Mary’s Meals.

Jad Portrait

Jad, 10, Lebanon

“For me learning is the most important thing. It will help me to find a job in the future and also achieve all my dreams.”

Jad is one of 3 children whose mum volunteers for Mary’s Meals. She works in the kitchen each day, preparing food for more than 1,400 children in schools around Beirut.

Ashley Portrait

Ashley, 13, Zimbabwe

“It’s so hard to do tough exams when you’re hungry. With the porridge, my concentration is better. I want to be a nurse because there are lots of people to treat.”

Before Mary’s Meals began serving meals in Ashley’s school in rural Zimbabwe, she would have no option but to spend her time in class hungry.

Emmanuella Portrait

Emmanuella, 17, Zambia

“I like the Mary’s Meals porridge because it helps me concentrate better in class. When I am hungry, I feel lightheaded. I want to finish school to make life better for my family.”

Thanks to Mary’s Meals, Emmanuella, a pupil at Madzi Atuwu Primary School in Zambia, receives a regular, nutritious meal every school day. This is encouraging and enabling Emmanuella and her school friends to attend school.

Ahmed Portrait

Ahmed, 11, Lebanon

“It’s good that I’m eating well as it gives me energy for football. Sometimes my father asks me to support him, but I tell him I prefer to participate in the activities at school.”

Ahmed receives Mary’s Meals at Alay Community Centre, in Lebanon. There is an open playground where he loves to go to and play football. Mary’s Meals is helping football-loving Ahmed to stay in school and keep striving towards his goals.

Prosper Advocate Portrait

Prosper & Advocate, 7 & 13, Zimbabwe

“The changes in the children who before did not eat a lot, and after when they began to eat the porridge, it is like they are different children. They are happy. And they continue with studies."

Thanks to Mary’s Meals in Zimbabwe, Advocate and her younger brother, Prosper, will receive a daily meal.
Advocate enjoys school and is determined to make the most of her time there as she wants to become a nurse in the future.

Mandowa Portrait

Mandowa Daka, 58, Zambia

“With Mary’s Meals, I have seen a rise in the number of pupils that come to school. In the past, we have had different programs implemented at the school, but none have been able to fully get the community on board like Mary’s Meals.”

Mandowa Daka is the head teacher at Lunga Primary School in Zambia. Mary’s Meals’ school feeding programme has been running at this school since 2021 and Mandowa has noticed significant changes since the meals were first served.

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