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Sustainable ingredients

Everything nature has to offer

Clarins began with a family’s vision driven by a love for nature and plants...

2025 : Clarins accelerates and commits


  100 % sustainable
  80 % of ingredients
to be organically cultivated
  100 % of packaging
to be recyclable
by 30 % reduction of our global
carbon footprint


Reinforced fair trade
Take actions for
health and children

The amazing Clarins Herbarium


The Clarins Herbarium contains 208 plants

“Clarins Quality” is inextricably linked to the quality of the raw materials used and traceability is a key component in ensuring the highest-quality sources while respecting the plants, the soil and people.


In 2019, 40% of the plants used came from organic farms.

The logical next step after the constant concern for protecting the soil and biodiversity is to gradually source every plant-based active ingredient from Organic Agriculture. More than that, the priority now is for all new active botanical ingredients to be grown organically.

Montpellier Rock-rose
Montpellier Rock-rose
Water mint
Water mint
European Sanicle
European Sanicle
Blackcurrant bud
Blackcurrant bud
Green banana
Green banana
Shea butter
Shea butter
Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing

Clarins is strengthening its responsible sourcing policy, which will prioritise best practices in farming, allow more local sourcing from France or Europe (or will favour fair trade when ingredients come from countries with a low Human Development Index), allow full traceability for harvesting areas, and provide long-term contracts with our partners.

Domaine Clarins

Domaine Clarins: An outdoor laboratory

Domaine Clarins flowers

Domaine Clarins:

• Founded in 2016
• Located near Annecy (Haute-Savoie region) in the French Alps
• 4,500 feet in altitude
• 18 plants being researched
• 4 extracts produced

Domaine Clarins meets a number of objectives:

• It is a valuable place for research, a living outdoor lab situated at the perfect altitude for observing a long list of plant species.
• It is a place for growing and collecting alpine plants that characterise Clarins expertise.

The state-of-the-art production facility is a prime example of permaculture in action where plants are grown according to the season as nature intended, a high-altitude environment where the soil is always pollution-free, and organic farming practices are used.

This completely controlled farm-to-jar approach is why we can meet our top consumer priority for the best quality and traceability.

The quality of the raw materials is what makes a quality product.”
Christian Courtin-Clarins

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