Why is after-sun care important?

1. Exposure to the sun damages skin and speeds up ageing

Sun is your best friend when it comes to achieving a tanned glow. Unfortunately, it can also be your skin's worst enemy. UV rays lead to dehydration and your skin drying out. They can also cause oxidative damage and speed up the signs of ageing on the skin. As a result, it's crucial you take care when spending time in the sun and use maximum protection when you head outdoors. Back home, take the time to pamper your sun-damaged skin. Sunscreen protects skin during exposure, while after sun care is essential to limiting the damage caused by UV rays. Even once you head back inside, skin continues to suffer the harmful effects of the sun's rays. After-sun care rehydrates skin and helps it repair. It's also the best way of keeping your tan for as long as possible.

2. Clarins’ after-sun care

Always remember to moisturise after you have been in the sun to rehydrate, soothe and refresh, with your tan perfected and primed to last as long as possible. Tip: continue moisturising after your holiday to help maintain your tan.

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