What is the best way of applying my make-up?

If you've decided to wear make-up regularly but aren't too sure where to start, don't panic! A few simple steps is all it takes to achieving a flawless look. Follow the Clarins guide...

1. Step one: base

Flawless make-up and a healthy glow start with the right base. First, moisturise your skin with your usual day cream or moisturiser, before applying a primer to perfect skin and ensure your make-up lasts throughout the day. For extra glow, reach for the SOS Primer to brighten skin and ensure round-the-clock hydration while setting your make-up. Erase wrinkles, fine lines and pores with the Instant Poreless primer to perfect skin in a flash. Once you've applied your primer, you're ready to move on to your foundation. For a natural, luminous finish, try the Skin Illusion foundation. For firmer, smoother skin, opt for the Extra-firming foundation. Blot shine and shrink dilated pores with the Ever Matte Powder. There you have it; a flawless complexion and the perfect base for taking your make-up to the next level. For blemish-free, long-lasting results, go for a long-wear+ formula.

2. Step two: eyes

Once your complexion is done, it's time to focus on your eyes. For a natural, subtle look, a lick of Supra Volume mascara goes a long way. A single application is all you need to thicken and lengthen lashes for an understated but glamorous look. If you like something more sultry, define eyes with the Khol Eye Pencil or Graphik Liner. Next, choose an eyeshadow that goes with your look, opting for a matte finish with the Velvet Shadow or a shimmery effect with the Ombre Iridescente. Build up colour intensity to get the desired effect. If you're heading out for the evening, layer on more colour for a more intense effect.

3. Step three: lips

For the perfect finishing touch, get working on your smile. Reveal your lips' natural shade for subtle results with the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil or go for bold, for a super glamorous effect with the Water Lip stain.

Achieving a flawless make-up look? It couldn't be easier thanks to Clarins tips!

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