Does foundation really let skin breathe?

1. So much more than just another foundation...

Foundations are the ultimate secret weapon to achieving flawless skin. But many formulas feel suffocating and mask-like. That's why all Clarins foundations are designed to perfect the skin while taking care of it. You can rest assured your skin will be given room to breathe! Enriched with plant extracts, our foundations' formulas are the result of Clarins Laboratories' expertise and are designed to keep the skin moisturised and able to breathe throughout the day. These formulas allow your epidermis to maintain moisture levels from morning to night. Don't forget: most of our liquid foundations* are ideal for city-living, as they also keep the skin protected from the harmful effects of UV rays and pollution.

*Except the Pore Perfecting Mattifying Foundation

Clarins is on hand to help you find your perfect foundation thanks to the FOUNDATION FINDER.

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