I suffer from a dull complexion. What are my options?

1. My skin looks dull: why?

Whatever your skin type, your complexion may appear to lose its glow. Sleep deprivation, ageing, stress, unhealthy diet and poor toxin elimination can all cause dull, tired-looking skin! The slightest thing can cause skin to appear less clear, more uneven, and less radiant.

2. How to restore a radiant complexion

To rapidly restore glowing skin, you need a beauty routine that is right for you. Apply complexion reviving products morning and night. Use the Beauty Flash Balm during the day for instant results. This glow booster instantly erases the signs of tiredness, while hydrating and soothing skin. At night, boost skin regeneration with a night cream that activates cell renewal. You can also exfoliate to brush away dead skin cells that contribute to a dull complexion.

3. Embrace a healthier lifestyle

A dull complexion often points to stress and a poor lifestyle. Boost your skin's radiance by getting regular sleep. Take the time to prepare healthy, well-balanced meals. Incorporate vegetables like carrots and tomatoes, known for their highly effective radiance-boosting properties. Finally, when necessary, keep your skin protected against UV rays and pollution with the UV PLUS range.

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