“Help! My legs feel tired and heavy”

Many women experience heavy legs during pregnancy because of the changes occurring in their bodies. Expectant mothers, say goodbye to tired legs with Clarins’ expert tips.

What causes the feeling of tired legs during pregnancy?

The main reason is blood circulation. During pregnancy, it changes significantly due to hormonal shifts and rapid weight gain. Increased blood circulation causes this uncomfortable swelling sensation and varicose veins. To relieve discomfort and keep your legs feeling light throughout pregnancy, the use of a lotion for tired legs is strongly recommended.

Which product should I use for tired legs during pregnancy?

Tonic Body Treatment Oil "Firming/Toning"


To comfort and refresh tired legs, opt for Tonic Body Oil. Formulated with essential oils, it restores comfort to your legs. To apply, massage into the legs, working up from the feet to the thighs.

“I tell everyone I know who is having a baby about this oil & not one time did it fail them.” Customer review