How can I reduce redness on my face?

1. Redness: enemy number one for sensitive skin

As soon as sensitive skin starts feeling stressed, it reacts and redness can occur. Pollution, cold or strong winds are all enough to trigger an outbreak. Why? Because these harsh external factors impair the skin's hydrolipidic film, which is so essential to protecting skin tissue. As well as being unsightly, redness renders skin more fragile, making it particularly uncomfortable.

2. How can I reduce redness?

The solution to this problem is to soothe your sensitive skin! A beauty routine based on the Gentle Care range will provide your skin with all the comfort it needs. Start by applying the Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate for Sensitive Skin, especially designed for zero-tolerance skin types. This serum works to soothe, repair and restructure the epidermis. Next, get moisturising! To strengthen the hydrolipidic film, you need to provide your skin with water. In the morning, use the Hydra-Essentiel cream to instantly soothe and reduce redness, moisturise your face and protect it from environmental damage.

3. Make make-up your new best friend!

Even out your complexion and banish any redness with the SOS Primer (the 04 - Green shade is the best choice for you) to flawlessly conceal any little blemishes and neutralise redness and imperfections. This primer instantly evens skin tone and revitalises and brightens the complexion while adding a welcome moisture surge. Enriched with an anti-pollution complex, its formula protects skin from environmental damage, thus reducing redness. Your skin stays gorgeous and free from any redness throughout the day!

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