FEED & Clarins

Clarins is proud to partner with FEED, the social charity founded by Lauren Bush Lauren, to fight hunger around the world and here at home.

To date, Clarins has provided


meals through this global initiative

For many around the world, hunger is a daily struggle. 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry every night. Roughly 100 million children are underweight. But there is hope. Hunger is a solvable problem, and now you have become part of the solution. With this FEED for Clarins pouch, customers have given more than just meals. Customers have helped children grow, learn and thrive. Our customers have invested in their future. Thank you (and well done!).

By the end of 2015, the FEED & Clarins partnership has provided over 10 million meals to children around the world*.

This year, Clarins aims to raise 1 million meals to be provided to children worldwide in association with FEED, part of the UN World Food Programme.

*According to FEED estimations.
**Based on ml value of standard sized products.


Feed your skin, FEED your soul

1 FEED pouch bought
FEED pouch
10 school meals provided
school meals
  • 2011


    First Year of the Partnership

    Clarins partners with Nordstrom for the first time; Bloomingdales follows shortly thereafter.

    The first FEED & Clarins exclusive pouches are sold at Colette in Paris.

  • 2012


    1 Night, 1 Million Meals

    Clarins hosts the ‘Million Meals Concert for FEED’ in New York to celebrate the charity’s fifth anniversary.

  • 2013


    First Christmas Initiative on Clarins.com

    For the first time, the partnership extends to Clarins.com in Europe. Christmas sales help contribute over 238,000 meals.

    FEED and Clarins hold an online auction featuring artwork by Claire Courtin-Clarins, granddaughter of Clarins founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins. Proceeds from the sale help contribute over 304,000 meals.

  • 2014


    Clarins & FEED Initiative:
    Gift with Purpose

    1,458,000 school meals are donated.

  • 2015


    A Beautiful Partnership

    3,708,000 school meals are donated.

  • 2016


    Join Our Mission
    to 2 Million Meals

    Help us provide 1 million more meals to children around the world!

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Why FEED & Clarins?

Clarins believes that beauty comes from the heart and is expressed by taking direct action to help those less fortunate. Loyal to its humanitarian values, Clarins supports FEED to help fight hunger worldwide.

A Partnership Between FEED & Clarins

Because Beauty Can Be Responsible

The Real Benefits of the Partnership

A Beautiful Partnership

Christian Courtin-Clarins

Christian Courtin-Clarins

Clarins’ Commitments

With an abiding love for women, children and our planet, Clarins is committed to creating a more beautiful future by supporting medical, humanitarian, environmental and educational initiatives throughout the world.