Tips for taking care of your skin after shaving

ClarinsMen After Shave Energizer

1. Why should I protect skin after shaving?

From redness, burning and itching to bumps, ingrown hairs and skin irritation, men’s skin can often suffer after shaving - so it’s important to choose skincare products specially formulated for men’s skin. To take care of men’s unique skincare needs, Clarins has developed a tailormade skincare collection designed to care for face and beard both before and after shaving, ClarinsMen, featuring a selection of shaving products, aftershave and men’s skincare to soothe and hydrate men’s skin.

2. What products should I use after shaving?

When it comes to taking care of skin after shaving, Clarins has formulated an expert range of men’s skincare and shaving products designed for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Enriched with Clarins’ exclusive soothing natural-origin ingredients - extract of gymnema, bison grass extract and organic grooming phytocomplex blackcurrant bud extract - to calm, energise and refresh the skin after shaving.

If you prefer a light, liquid texture for your aftershave, say goodbye to razor burn, irritation, and lumps and bumps post-shave with ClarinsMen Aftershave Soothing Toner - a great choice for skin that’s prone to nicks and cuts. Its easy-to-apply, refreshing texture cools and cleanses skin after shaving, while its caring formula is rich in plant extracts to soothe irritated skin that suffers from redness or razor burn after shaving.

It’s important to hydrate skin after shaving, especially if you struggle with dry skin. A luxuriously fresh gel texture with 96% natural-origin ingredients, ClarinsMen AfterShave Soothing Gel soothes and calms the skin and beard post-shave to prevent irritated, dehydrated skin. The perfect product for smooth skin after shaving!

Finally, a healthy beard needs taking care of at the roots. The ideal multitasker for busy men, ClarinsMen Shave + Beard Oil can be used both before and after shaving to help nourish the skin and hair. Either apply to skin before using a razor for stubble that’s softened and easier to manage, or apply after shaving to nourish and care to encourage healthy hair growth.

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