Do slimming products work?

Slimming products can be found on offer in every magazine and advert. The question is: are these slimming products really effective?

How to make a slimming product effective?
An effective slimming cream has to work in combination with two other factors: a healthy diet and regular physical activity. To get the best results, try to maintain a balanced diet and walk more often when you start to use slimming products. Slimming creams such as Body Lift Cellulite Control from Clarins, are then more effective. This slimming product, made from plant extracts, will help to make your skin smooth and firm.

Which slimming products should I use?
Women tend to find that cellulite builds up in certain areas of the body, in particular on the thighs. As a result, Clarins have developed slimming products which will work to fight against excess fat and water in these areas. Try the “Super Slim” cocktail: in the evening, add a few drops of Contour Body Treatment Oil to Body Shaping Cream and apply it to your legs from top to bottom. Regular use of these slimming products will quickly give your legs an elongated look.

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