How to take care of your feet

Our feet lead a hard life. They have to hold up our body while pressing down on surfaces which are often too hard for them. To help relieve them, there are products specifically designed to maintain beautiful feet.

How to maintain beautiful feet
Like the rest of the body, our feet deserve special attention. Your feet’s beauty depends on it. The constant rubbing of shoes damages the skin, causing hardening and thickening on the arch of the foot which requires specific treatment. A regular treatment like Tonic Body Treatment Oil, followed by applying a hydrating cream such as Foot Beauty Treatment Cream, will maintain your feet’s elasticity. What’s more, this cream will look after your toe nails as well.

A must-have in foot care
Dry feet are a very common problem. If nothing is done about it, cracks and crevices can appear on the heel and ball of the foot. Even in these circumstances, all is not lost. You need a foot repair treatment. Clarins offers you the recipe to feel like you are walking on air: make a treatment from Moisture-Rich Body Lotion and Relax Body Treatment Oil. After a night of this treatment, your feet will be repaired.

Note: Foot care products should be applied onto dry, clean feet.

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