How to streamline your stomach and thighs?

Those extra pounds have a tendency to lodge themselves exactly where we don’t want them to be seen: on the stomach and the thighs. Some simple rules can help to streamline these areas to keep a slender figure.

How to streamline your stomach?
Combined with a healthy diet, physical exercise helps to visibly streamline your stomach and to slim your hips. This combined effect can help you rediscover a slender figure. To prolong the effects of sport, Clarins has developed several slimming products, such as Super Restorative Redefining Body Care. It has a firming effect which can help lift the skin on your stomach.

Treatments to slim your thighs
Water retention can have a negative effect on the thighs, even with a healthy lifestyle. To combat excess fat and excess water, combine a few drops of Contour Body Treatment Oil, made from 100% plant extracts, with Body Shaping Cream. This beauty product, combined with a targeted massage, will act on your microcirculation. You will end up with slimmer thighs while also giving your legs a more streamlined look.

The slimming range, specially developed by Clarins, helps you rediscover a slender figure and firmer skin. Body Lift Cellulite Control body care, to be applied on the thighs, is an effective supplementary treatment.

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