Clarins Covid-19 Message

Now more than ever, Clarins is with you

Our thoughts are with you and your families during this confusing and critical time. As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our daily lives, our priority is for the safety and well-being of our customers, community and staff, wherever you might be in the world.

As Clarins is first and foremost a family dedicated to beauty from generation to generation, we understand the concern you are feeling for your own families. Our House is dedicated to sustainable beauty and well-being and please be ensured that we are by your side and 100% behind our employees at this difficult moment.

We have also trained our Beauty Advisors in ‘No Touch” product demonstrations so that they can teach you how to apply your skin care and make-up without the need for physical contact. Even if we cannot be as hands-on as usual, we will be right there, giving you all the guidance you need to become your own best beauty pro. The same applies to our spa treatments & Skin Time demonstration. Without physically touching you, our Beauty Advisors will show you how pamper your skin the Clarins way.

You can still enjoy all our products, services and complimentary samples on our online store and you can contact us, as usual, at any moment of the day or chat with us on our social channels.

We will continue to look out for one another and keep each other safe – now more than ever.

We look forward to seeing you again soon, reunited in our commitment to a better planet and a brighter future.

Christian and Olivier Courtin-Clarins

Clarins Online Covid-19 Response

As the Covid-19 (coronavirus) situation continues to develop, the safety of our customers, our employees and our delivery partners remains our primary concern. For all online orders, Clarins is taking additional precautionary measures. Please be advised of our changes that are taking effect immediately.

Communication from our courier partner RAM

RAM is taking every precaution to ensure that the Clarins customers get the service they require, with peace of mind that they are putting safety first.

RAM have ensured that all our couriers and vehicles are supplied with disposable alcohol based sanitary wipes, not only for their own sanitisation but also to utilise when delivering parcels. In this regard, RAM have instructed their couriers that, upon arrival at a Customer, the Courier offers the Receiver to wipe the RAM Mobile and/or stylus in order to “sign on glass” so that we can furnish our clients with a proof of delivery.

Furthermore RAM have instituted the following hygienic protocols for their Couriers:

Hygienic Protocol
Disinfectant / Sanitizer Wipes

  • Wipe and clean hands with wipes
  • Wipe the steering wheel and door handles
  • Wipe the handheld device and pen

Hand sanitizers in vechiles

  • Sanitize hands on entering RAM premises
  • Sanitize hands during the course of the day

Temperature monitoring at entry and exit points as a pre-screening precautionary measure.

Thank you for being with us during this time of uncertainty, we’re committed to maintaining the excellent standards of service you expect from Clarins.

If you have any queries about your order, or any other online delivery queries, please contact us on

Covid-19 Message