Sun Care Cream Moderate Protection UVB/UVA 20

Medium protection

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Sun Care Cream Moderate Protection UVB/UVA 20
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Skin Type
All skin types
Use before any exposure to the sun


200 ml
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Product details
A soft, smooth sunscreen designed for use in strong sun. This SPF 20 sunscreen by Clarins delivers heightened protection to the skin cells while your sun-kissed glow develops. Formulated with exclusive PhytoSunactyl2 complex containing candelabra bush, plane tree, olive tree, baobab and pea.
  • Protects the skin from UV damage
How to

For a more radiant and even tan, exfoliate the body a few days before your first exposure to the sun. Use sun protection products suited to your skin type. Use a higher SPF for the first few days of exposure. Re-apply at least every two hours and after bathing. To nurture the skin and ensure your tan lasts longer, apply Clarins After Sun Care in the evening.

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