Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm

Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm

A delicious lip balm to be applied lavishly! Product details

  • Skin Type: All skin types
  • Use: Apply as needed.


3,5 g

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3,5 g


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Product details
A totally indulgent, nurturing lip balm for intense lip care and gorgeous lips year-round. Packed with a blend of nutritious plants and smart pigment*, this nourishing, restorative balm offers lasting moisture (8 hours**) for your lips making them look sleek and plump with the perfect touch of shine and rosy radiance for an irresistible pout. With a spellbinding peach scent and sweet new limited edition glam design, this is a must-have for any woman. * Custom colour that reacts to the pH of your lips. **Hydration kinetics - 12 women.
  • Nourishes
  • Repairs
  • Hydrates
  • Natural looking custom colour
  • Shine
Proven results

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