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Commitment to Beauty

Product safety and efficacy

Since 1954, the Clarins Group has used its unrivalled expertise in the field of beauty to offer consumers the safest, most effective products that deliver real results.

The Clarins Group has always made consumer safety a number-one priority. Believing in the true efficacy of plants, fifteen years ago Clarins decided not to use any ingredients of animal origin in its formulas. As such, they were one of the first cosmetic companies to do so. The raw materials used are checked during continuous controls, their innocuousness tested and verified through the most reliable methods. Each and every supplier is rigorously audited as well.

A computerized identification system involving bar codes of every ingredient involved in the production process to ensure, total traceability and safety was established this year and finally, to guarantee optimal safety for the consumer, the maximum duration of use after product opening is indicated on each product. The opinions of our consumers are invaluable and Clarins encourages them to express their views by inserting a satisfaction questionnaire in every product. These comments are the very source of our inspiration and enable us to develop and update formulas and products that most effectively meet consumers' current needs.

In this way, a relationship of trust has naturally developed between Clarins and its consumers, acknowledging the Group’s capacity for innovation and the rigour of its manufacturing process.

The environment: a genuine concern.

From the very beginning, Clarins goal was to create highly effective products containing the highest quality ingredients, while respecting the environment and preserving the planet’s natural resources.

A team dedicated to quality management monitor the application of procedures through audits and manage environmental data.

On the production sites

The waste produced is strictly managed, whether it comes from laboratory work or industrial and logistical operations. Today, we are proud to report that there is 100% maximized use of waste.

Starting this year, Clarins will use renewable energy sources to supply its logistical platform in Amiens, Paris.